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This information is provided for historical background purposes, since POC got its start as PHRF.

Update on Direct Relief

People’s Hurricane Relief Fund & Oversight Coalition (PHRF)
Report on Distribution of Goods

Pastors for Peace Caravans: Materials Distributed by PHRF September 11-18, 2005:

7 truckloads of aid (the vehicles were 20-ft box trucks and large school buses), each vehicle containing an assortment of: new and used clothing; shoes, bottled water; nonperishable food; blankets; toiletries; household supplies; cleaning supplies; baby food; diapers and baby supplies. Delivered to the PHRF network in 7 different cities for distribution by the PHRF to survivors of Hurricane Katrina:Gloster, MS, Columbia, MS, Jackson, MS, Algiers and New Orleans, LA , Baton Rouge, LA, Lake Charles, LA and Houston, TX.

Second pastors for peace caravan to LA/MS: October 17-21, 2005:

3 truckloads of aid delivered to five sites for distribution by the PHRF to survivors of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Demolition and clean-up supplies delivered to PHRF in the Seventh and Ninth Wards of New Orleans: two generators, air compressor, saws and blades, drills and bits, roofing nails, hammers, dust masks, tool belts, paint rollers, paint brushes, buckets, levels, tape measures, square measures, earplugs, prybars, crowbars, wrecking bars, other demolition and reconstruction tools, work gloves, rubber boots, assorted medicines delivered to PHRF in Algiers, 2 generators and demolition/reconstruction tools delivered to PHRF in Jackson, MS, One truckload of nonperishable food, bottled water, and household supplies delivered to PHRF in Lake Charles, LA.

The Million Worker March Movement and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10

10 forty feet containers from various employers of ILWU Local 10 to send much needed supplies to survivors of Hurricane Katrina. PHRF assisted in facilitating efforts to get the items our union members and community volunteers sent to Gulf.
Additional containers will be coming from an ILWU Local in the Pacific North West in a few weeks, to be distributed by PHRF.


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