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This information is provided for historical background purposes, since POC got its start as PHRF.

9th Ward Residents Rebuild School

[New Orleans March 16, 2006] Lower 9th Ward residents and volunteers began renovations today on MLK elementary school at Caffin and Caliborne. Their goal is to bring families back to their neighborhood, which was badly flooded following the levee breach in the Industrial Canal. Community meetings in this damaged neighborhood have inspired the residents to fight for housing, schools, healthcare and jobs which they believe are the most essential pieces needed for more displaced people to return.

With the help volunteers with The People’s Hurricane Relief Fund, 120 Howard University students working with Katrina On the Ground and the Common Ground Collective, residents have been leading the reconstruction efforts. “We have the mandate of the people to do this work” stated Salaam, a volunteer with the People’s Hurricane Relief Fund, “we don’t have support from the city, but we have to go out and try to get things done so that these communities can return”. Police patrolled the perimeter of the school but no arrests have been reported. Renovations have also begun on a number of houses in the lower 9th ward.

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