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This information is provided for historical background purposes, since POC got its start as PHRF.

City of New Orleans Violates Restraining Order

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Cassandra Burrows

Orleans residents faced a standoff with demolition workers in the lower 9th Ward of New Orleans on Thursday morning after city officials ordered the violation of a temporary restraining order against demolition.

Community members and legal activists have been working to insure that all residents receive notification and give permission when their property becomes a target for demolition. The City stated that they were removing debris from the sidewalk for public safety reasons. Lawyers supporting the 9th Ward residents, however, pointed out that in fact the workers were illegally removing private homes and property. Eventually lawyers advocating for residents rights announced that the city had conceded that the cranes must cease until the scheduled hearing.

“The US and Louisiana Constitutions say that no one’s life, liberty, or property can be taken by the government without due process of law,” stated Bill Quigley, Attorney representing Lower 9th Ward Residents. “The people of the Lower Ninth Ward demand and are entitled to the same legal protections as anyone else.”

Attorneys will meet with Judge Martin Feldman on Friday, January 6, at 10 AM in his chambers for a status conference. Though this will not be in open court, the lawyers will be available after the conference outside the courthouse to answer questions from the media.


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